"Andrew is one of the most soulful musicians I have ever had the pleasure to experience. There is something unique about his ability to tell stories through music. In the past two years I have had the pleasure of creating two aerial performance pieces to Andrew and his music. The emotion and soulful feelings he expresses through his music breathes life into my performance like no other piece of music could. Both of these performances have marked memorable pins in my 6 year long performing career. From singing at house parties to entertaining audiences on large public stages, Andrew is in a league of his own. His voice and songwriting express a lifetime of love, fun and heartbreak that are beyond his years" Aryn Savard - Goddess Movement Owner June 2015
"So I told my buddy that I was going to perform on the same stage as Andrew Christopher and his wife was like, Oh my god you know Andrew Christopher? I love Andrew Christopher!! I was like, yeah I know all the cool people."  Peter James Band June 2015
"Andrew, thank you for making my wedding on Saturday so beautiful with your music. When I arrived and stepped out of the limo, I looked around at everything that was happening and instantly starting crying when I heard you singing. The music you played to the lyrics written by my sister for when I walked down the aisle was perfect. You made my wedding to the love of my life a fairytale and everything I imagined." Ashley Paige Axanna-  Bride June 2015
I’ve been following Andrew’s musical journey over the last few years and I always looked forward to attending his shows. Luckily for me, he also started playing an acoustic set at a restaurant in my area. My friends and I have made it our weekly outing! Our group keeps growing bigger and bigger, and he’s the absolute highlight of our night. He plays all of our requests from all different genres and eras – rock, country, pop (even Taylor Swift if you ask nicely) AND he can rap! On the very rare occasion that he doesn’t know a song, he’ll learn it by the next week when we return. Andrew’s personality absolutely shines when he plays and it’s really great that he makes such an effort to listen to his fans. He has so much talent! He definitely knows how to play to the crowd!"- Tara Mitchell May 2015
"I don't know if I told you, everyone at my wedding absolutely LOVED you. There were people there that had never heard of you and they told me that they could have listened to you all night. I know how talented you are, and you already know you're awesome. But I don't think you give yourself enough credit for the amazing artist that you are. :) Thank you for everything you did at my wedding, it is long overdue I know, but I just thought I would let you know I appreciate you so much and I'll never stop supporting your music." Chantal Weeks - Bride April 2015